Mixed Use & Retail

Celebration Pointe

A Clear Vision

Celebration Pointe | Gainesville, Florida


Development |  Construction |  Planning |  Management
Status: In Progress
Time: 2014 - Present
Size: 1.9 Million Square Feet
Architecture: Cupkovic Architects

A Reason to Celebrate


Located in Gainesville, FL with a mile of frontage along I-75, Celebration Pointe benefits from prime visibility to locals and visitors. The center is a major attraction to more than 75,000 students, in addition to a growing local population of affluent shoppers. The mixed-use development has become a community staple for the Gators® coaches’ talk radio shows, Chomp the Block Pregame Parties, and other events, thanks to an athletic partnership with the University of Florida. Comprised of one million square feet, Celebration Pointe provides the ideal location to relax, enjoy entertainment and celebrate life.

Location, Location,

We started with a vision and 225 acres at the northwest quadrant of Interstate 75 and Archer Road (SR 24). Ideally situated in the heart of Alachua County, Celebration Pointe has been designed to meet the retail and entertainment needs of the growing and affluent suburban neighborhoods on the West side of Interstate 75 and the growing demand for a walkable upscale urban housing environment.

Celebration Pointe is the only large scale development in Alachua County featuring almost a mile of frontage along Interstate 75, providing great visibility for retailers and class A office tenants. With 700 acres of pristine conservation area along the western boundary of the development, Celebration Pointe blends an exciting urban environment with the beautiful natural setting that makes Alachua County and Gainesville such a desirable place to live.


We want to create a place that is pleasant and easy to get to, walk through, and bike through. All streets in Celebration Pointe will feature wide tree-shaded sidewalks and inviting architectural elements. Major roads will also feature in-street bike lanes making it safe and easy to get around on two wheels. A multi-use path will run along the perimeter of the community and provide a safe, convenient and enjoyable place to take a stroll or exercise. The portion of the Archer Braid Trail being built by Celebration Pointe will provide connectivity to more than 40 miles of off-road trails that will provide a direct connection to the University of Florida and UF Health and to parks and schools near Haile Plantation.

Celebration Pointe is working with the Regional Transit System and Alachua County to provide frequent transit service to the site that will connect Celebration Pointe with the University of Florida and UF Health, as well as other major destinations in the Community. In conjunction with Alachua County, we are also exploring the introduction of a trolley circulator and connecting with adjacent residential developments and future expansion parcels.

Building A Bridge

Integral to the nature of this project is a four-lane bridge stretching across I-75, providing a crucial second major access channel to Celebration Pointe. Viking is working closely with Alachua County and the Florida Department of Transportation to design and construct this bridge, which will include the Archer Braid Trail, in-street bike lanes, and a dedicated lane for transit within the median and four travel lanes for motor vehicles. Not only will it facilitate entry and exit to Celebration Pointe, but will serve as a vital pedestrian, cyclist, and bus route across I-75, collectively saving hundreds of hours of commute time and increasing the safety and security of pedestrians.

Striking A Balance

We wanted to bring a comfortable yet cosmopolitan atmosphere to Celebration Pointe. Working hand-in-glove with a focused team of highly acclaimed consultants allowed us to curate the Celebration Pointe experience with every consideration.

We chose clean, industrial line work and precise geometry to reinforce a progressive flow of energy through the area. With that in place, we introduced warm earthy colors to create a welcoming, tactile atmosphere.



We designed a vibrant green space with plenty of plant life and curated garden spaces in an effort to create a relaxed experience for visitors and residents. By opening the wide-channel main street, we hope to create a welcoming environment in contrast with the hurriedness often associated with high-traffic retail. These elements all coincide with our plan to certify this a LEED neighborhood development, exemplary of the principles of
sustainability in growth.

Everything Considered

A project of this scope allowed for an incredible opportunity to positively impact the Region’s economic
infrastructure and natural environment, and positively change the quality of life for the community.

Economic impact

At its completion, Celebration Pointe will generate over 2,900 permanent new jobs | The annual net fiscal benefit to Alachua County is projected to reach $1.8 million by 2020 and $2.5 million by 2030 | Celebration Pointe will generate more than $3.6 million a year in revenue for local governments.

Environmental impact

100 acres will be added to the existing 700 acre preserve | Strategic ecosystem connecting Lake Kanapaha conservation area and Hoggetown Creek conservation area will protect wetlands and native flora and fauna

Transport impact

Bike lanes will allow greater safety for cyclists | Dedicated internal bus system and transit station will decrease traffic pressure on Archer road | Direct connection to the Archer-Braid trail and surrounding developments


Celebration Pointe is a grand-scale project nearly ten years in the making. Its effects on Gainesville will be far-reaching and long-lasting. As Florida’s 1st Green Transit Oriented Development, Celebration Pointe is setting the standard for mixed-use developments by incorporating the latest innovations in community planning, transportation mobility, energy efficiency, green design and environmental stewardship.

Designing an eco-friendly community that preserves the natural environment and reduces the city’s carbon footprint is absolutely integral to Viking’s mission to crafting healthy and sustainable community spaces.

Haile Market Square

Neighborhood Favorites

HAILE MARKET SQUARE | Haile Plantation, Florida


Development |  Construction |  Planning |  Management
Status: Completed
Time: 2007-2008
Size: 4,176 SQ. FT.
Architecture: Ricardo Cavallino and Associates, Inc

Established in 2006, it is the newest of the Haile Plantation neighborhoods. Haile Plantation Market Square abuts the Publix Market Square shopping center. The neighborhood has its own HOA, the Haile Plantation Market Square Owners Association.

Residents of Haile Plantation Market Square enjoy easy walking access to a variety of shops, restaurants, and business services. The neighborhood is adjacent to Haile Plantation Tennis Center. Homes in the neighborhood include condos, townhomes, and single-family detached homes.