Student Housing


In 2004, the area immediately neighboring the University of Florida campus, the Shands medical district, and Sorority Row was a run-down avenue of over 20 dilapidated student apartments in desperate need of revitalization. Viking saw an opportunity for transformation, and today there stands a proud complex of 160 spacious and beautiful condominiums and apartments. Campus View was a gradual and continued effort to connect the hubs of student culture with safe and trustworthy housing.


Firm relationships were at the cornerstone of this project. Fifteen landowners were worked with one on one, and were each convinced of the bright potential of this venture. These people believed in the project so much that many of them bought the newly constructed condos and still support our endeavors today.

Lyncourt Square

Agile Maneuvers, Streamlined Methods

Lyncourt Square | Gainesville, Florida


Development |  Construction
Status: Completed
Time: 2013-2014
Size: 58,215 SQ. FT.
Architecture: Ricardo Cavallino and Associates, Inc

Invitation to progress

Following on the successes of the Campus View project, we decided to turn our attention to another zone of student living that was falling short of meeting the needs of the growing city of Gainesville. Just around the corner from Campus View was a street of run down apartments, within walking distance from UF campus, Sorority Row and Norman hall. We set out to provide students with safer and more reliable housing, and now Lyncourt square is a 58,215 SQ. FT. apartment community with several options for a variety of student budgets. Although this infill project yielded many challenges, our efforts at tightly coordinating the timeline proved effective, and led to a well executed project.

Elbow Room

The construction of housing in this student-oriented area is notoriously difficult due to the high traffic and the close proximity of buildings to one another. Infill projects like this one rely almost entirely on the strength of relationships forged with the city, in order to manage the project gracefully. Bringing man-lifts, bulldozers, cranes, forklifts, and a front-end loader through such a busy area is nearly impossible without the complete cooperation of the city. Once we had road closures secured, we relied on careful planning and project strategy to coordinate the delivery of supplies and materials, and had to choose our steps with precision. Having no staging area made the project exponentially difficult, and the proximity of the build site to its immediate surroundings granted us virtually no elbow room. Viking’s management of this venture turned a potentially irksome workflow into a relatively easy one.

Healthy Spaces

We’re used to breaking trends. Taking on this project was an unexpected move for a developer in our environment. Viking is set apart by having the determination and willingness to tackle smaller projects like Lyncourt Square as well as the patience, perseverance and energy to accomplish much larger developments like Celebration Pointe. This flexibility is characteristic of the Viking team and stems from our commitment to crafting healthy environments

Campus View

Rethinking Student Living

Campus View | Gainesville, Florida


Development |  Construction |  Planning
Status: Completed
Time: 2005-2009
Size: 195,068 SQ. FT.
Architecture: Miller & Slayton Architects, Inc.

Staying The Course

Campus View was designed in six incremental phases. Phasing the project allowed us to take measured steps throughout the entire process, as well as to maintain a more personal engagement with landowners and investors. The total project took five carefully planned years.


Campus View I

2005 | Twelve units | Three stories | 1,362 total square footage
Three bedrooms/Three bathrooms


The site was peppered with families of resplendent Heritage Oaks. We took every care to preserve them throughout the project. We were ready for this challenge, making an open choice to work within the city’s constraints. The trees limited our methods and our maneuverability, but the results were well worth the effort.

A Worthwhile Investment

We believe that investing in a city’s future involves a level of transformation that extends beyond the typical supply and demand methods of development. Campus View was an opportunity to invest not only for Viking, but also for those that owned the properties, many of whom bought back in when the project was completed. Today every condominium has been sold, and we continue to maintain a healthy rental portfolio with Campus View Place, our last phase. Many of the connections that were forged through this process have become lasting friendships, and the investors we worked with have become reliable supporters and partners. At the completion of the project, Viking was granted a beautification award from the Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency.

Lyons Corner

Get Social With A Contemporary Experience

LYONS CORNER | Gainesville, Florida


Development |  Construction |  Planning
Status: Completed
Time: 2012-2014
Size: 17,913 SQ. FT.
Architecture: Ricardo Cavallino and Associates, Inc

Get Social With A Contemporary Experience

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Woodbury Row

Premiere Location

WOODBURY ROW | Gainesville, Florida


Status: Completed
Time: 2011-2012
Size: 29,884 SQ. FT.
Architecture: Ricardo Cavallino and Associates, Inc